Lettl about Lettl

I owe two experiences to painting:
First, the knowledge of my own limitations:
I sit in front of an empty, white sheet of paper and try to imagine something; all possibilities are open to me, but what I produce seems to be senseless scribbling and silly things. That is how I waste time and paper, many hours and many days. The result is zero in spite of the fact that I thought that I had a lot of ideas.

Then there is the feeling that I was successful at something and the surprise, because there is something about which I had no inkling and which would not exist either if I had not made it.
Each successful picture is a new reality and thus part of the uncompleted creation even though it may be such a modest one.

What I would like is simply to paint beautiful pictures.
But beauty always has to do with the truth and as such can only be understood bit by bit by us, descendants of the apes.

And because beauty cannot be forced I always tried to paint pictures which were not stupid and am happy when somebody likes them.

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